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/* Copyright (c) 1992, 1998, 2000 John E. Davis
 * This file is part of JED editor library source.
 * You may distribute this file under the terms the GNU General Public
 * License.  See the file COPYING for more information.
#ifndef __JED_BUFFER_H_  
#define  __JED_BUFFER_H_

# include <stdlib.h>

#include <limits.h>

#ifdef PATH_MAX
#  define JED_MAX_PATH_LEN 256
# else
#  define JED_MAX_PATH_LEN 1024
# endif

#include <slang.h>

typedef struct _Buffer Buffer;

#include "jdmacros.h"

#include "keymap.h"
#include "undo.h"
#include "blocal.h"
# include "menu.h"

#define sprintf simple_sprintf
extern char *simple_sprintf(char *, char *, ...);

typedef struct Line
   struct Line *next;               /* pointer to next line */
   struct Line *prev;               /* pointer to prev line */
   unsigned char *data;             /* data for the line */
   int len;                         /* actual length of line */
   int space;                  /* space allocated for line */
   /* The first 4 bits of the flags field represent a 4 bit integer that
    * is used by the syntax parsing routines.  The next 4 bits
    * control the various flags.  The last 8 bits specify the
    * color of the line.  
    * Finally, assuming at least 32 bit integers, the last 16 bits may be
    * used for the syntax state of the line. For instance, if the line is in
    * a string, the string character may be specified by the some of the bits,
    * which is useful if there are more than one.
   unsigned int flags;
#define JED_LINE_IN_COMMENT         0x0001
#define JED_LINE_IN_STRING0         0x0002
#define JED_LINE_IN_STRING1         0x0004
#define JED_LINE_HAS_EOL_COMMENT    0x0008
#define JED_LINE_SYNTAX_BITS        0x000F
#define JED_LINE_HIDDEN             0x0010
#define JED_LINE_IS_READONLY        0x0020
#define JED_LINE_COLOR_BITS         0xFF00

} Line;

/* This is the price we pay for a linked list approach.  With straight
   buffer gap, this would be an integer.  Sigh. */
typedef struct Mark
     Line *line;                      /* line that marker points at */
     int point;                       /* offset from beginning */
     unsigned int n;                 /* line number in buffer */
     struct Mark *next;
     unsigned int flags;             /* visible mark if non-zero */
#define MARK_COLOR_MASK       0x00FF
#define MARK_INVALID          0x0100
#define VISIBLE_MARK          0x0200
#define VISIBLE_COLUMN_MARK   0x0400
#define NARROW_REGION_MARK    0x0800
#define JED_LINE_MARK         0x1000


typedef struct Jed_Mark_Array_Type
   struct Jed_Mark_Array_Type *next;
   unsigned int num_marks;

extern unsigned int LineNum;         /* current line number */
extern unsigned int Max_LineNum;       /* max line number */

typedef struct Narrow_Type
   struct Narrow_Type *next;
   unsigned int nup, ndown;          /* (relative) lines above this narrow */
   Line *beg, *end;                  /* pointers to lines to linkup with */
   Line *beg1, *end1;                /* beg and end before narrow */
   int is_region;
} Narrow_Type;

typedef struct _Jed_Save_Narrow_Type
   Mark *beg, *end;
   struct _Jed_Save_Narrow_Type *next;

/* These are buffer local variables that slang can access */
typedef struct 
   int tab;                    /* tab width */
} Buffer_Local_Type;

extern Buffer_Local_Type Buffer_Local;

struct _Buffer
   Line *beg;                        /* Top line of buffer */
   Line *end;                        /* Bottom line */
   Line *line;                 /* current line */
   int point;                        /* current offset */
   unsigned int linenum;             /* current line number */
   unsigned int max_linenum;         /* lines in buffer */
   char *name;                       /* name of this buffer (slstring) */
   char *file;                       /* filename sans dir (slstring) */
   char *dir;                        /* directory of file (slstring) */
   char *dirfile;              /* canonical filename with expanded links */
   int device;                       /* inode and device of DIRECTORY that file
                              * resides in */
   int inode;
   int umask;
   unsigned int flags;         /* flags  (autosave, etc...) */
   Narrow_Type *narrow;        /* info for use by widen */
   unsigned int nup;                 /* lines above narrow (absolute) */
   unsigned int ndown;         /* lines below narrow */
   Mark *marks;
   Mark *spots;
   Mark *user_marks;
   unsigned int modes;         /* c-mode, wrap, etc... */
   SLKeyMap_List_Type *keymap;       /* keymap attached to this buffer */
   struct _Buffer *next;             /*  */
   struct _Buffer *prev;
   char *mode_string;                /* (slstring) */
   int hits;                         /* number of hits on buffer since 
                              * last autosave.  A hit is the number
                              * of times the buffer was hit on at top level  */
   unsigned long c_time;             /* time when buffer first created or
                              * when file visited
   Undo_Type *undo;                  /* pointer to undo ring */
   Buffer_Local_Type local_vars;
   Jed_Mark_Array_Type *spot_array;
   Jed_Mark_Array_Type *mark_array;
   int vis_marks;              /* number of visible marks */
   char status_line[80];
   SLang_Name_Type *par_sep;               /* paragraph sep function */
   SLang_Name_Type *indent_hook;
   SLang_Name_Type *newline_indent_hook;
   SLang_Name_Type *wrap_hook;
   SLang_Name_Type *bob_eob_error_hook;
#ifdef HAS_MOUSE
   SLang_Name_Type *mouse_down_hook;
   SLang_Name_Type *mouse_up_hook;
   SLang_Name_Type *mouse_drag_hook;
   SLang_Name_Type *mouse_2click_hook;
   SLang_Name_Type *mouse_3click_hook;
# endif
   unsigned int coloring_style;
   unsigned char *column_colors;
   unsigned int num_column_colors;
   struct Abbrev_Table_Type *abbrev_table;
   struct Syntax_Table_Type *syntax_table;
   int subprocess;                   /* 1 + subprocess id */
   int locked;
   Jed_Save_Narrow_Type *save_narrow;
   Jed_BLocal_Table_Type *blocal_table;
   unsigned int max_unparsed_line_num;
   unsigned int min_unparsed_line_num;
   Menu_Bar_Type *menubar;
   SLang_Name_Type *update_hook;

extern char Default_Status_Line[80];

/* flags */
#define BUFFER_MODIFIED 0x01

/* This flag cannot be used with the AUTO_SAVE_JUST_SAVE flag */
#define AUTO_SAVE_BUFFER 0x02
/* these two flags are to tell user that the buffer and the file on disk
   have been modified--- see update_marks and main editor loop */
#define FILE_MODIFIED 0x04
#define READ_ONLY 0x08
#define OVERWRITE_MODE 0x10
#define UNDO_ENABLED 0x20

/* skip this buffer if looking for a pop up one. */
#define BURIED_BUFFER 0x40

/* Instead of autosaving saving the buffer, just save it.  This flag
 * is only used when SIGHUP or something like that hits.  It is also
 * used when exiting the editor.  It will cause the buffer to be silently 
 * saved.  It is possible that I need another flag for this.
#define AUTO_SAVE_JUST_SAVE 0x80
#define NO_BACKUP_FLAG  0x100
#define BINARY_FILE  0x200
#define ADD_CR_ON_WRITE_FLAG 0x400

#define ABBREV_MODE 0x800

#ifndef VMS
#define MAP_CR_TO_NL_FLAG 0x1000
#define BUFFER_NON_LOCKING    0x8000

extern char *Read_Only_Error;
extern char *Line_Read_Only_Error;

    if (CBuf->flags & READ_ONLY) { msg_error(Read_Only_Error); return(1);}\
    if (CLine->flags & JED_LINE_IS_READONLY) {msg_error(Line_Read_Only_Error); return 1;}
    if (CBuf->flags & READ_ONLY) { msg_error(Read_Only_Error); return(1);}
    if (CBuf->flags & READ_ONLY) { msg_error(Read_Only_Error); return;}\
    if (CLine->flags & JED_LINE_IS_READONLY) {msg_error(Line_Read_Only_Error); return;}
    if (CBuf->flags & READ_ONLY) { msg_error(Read_Only_Error); return;}

#define NO_MODE 0x00
#define WRAP_MODE 0x01

extern Buffer *CBuf;
extern Line *CLine;

extern int bob(void);
extern int eob(void);                  /* point to end of buffer */
extern int bol(void);
extern int eol(void);

extern int bobp(void);
extern int eobp(void);
extern int eolp(void);
extern int bolp(void);

extern int prevline(int *);
extern int nextline(int *);

extern int forwchars(int *);
extern int backwchars(int *);
extern void goto_line(int *);

extern Line *make_line1(unsigned int);
extern unsigned char *make_line(unsigned int);
extern unsigned char *remake_line(unsigned int);

extern Buffer *make_buffer(char *, char *, char *);
extern void uniquely_name_buffer(Buffer *, char *);
extern void buffer_filename(Buffer *, char *, char *);
extern Buffer *find_file_buffer(char *);
extern Buffer *find_buffer(char *);
extern int delete_line(void);
extern void delete_buffer(Buffer *);
extern int switch_to_buffer(Buffer *);
extern int get_percent(void);
extern int what_line(void);
extern int erase_buffer(void);
extern void mark_buffer_modified (Buffer *, int, int);
extern Line *dup_line(Line *);
extern void free_line(Line *);
extern void check_buffers(void);
extern int buffer_exists(Buffer *);
extern int Point;
extern int Number_Zero;
extern int Number_One;
extern int Number_Two;
extern int Number_Ten;
extern void mark_undo_boundary(Buffer *);
extern void delete_undo_ring(Buffer *);

extern int Batch;              /* JED used in batch mode. */
extern void touch_screen(void);
extern void check_line(void);

extern int jed_set_buffer_hook (Buffer *, char *, SLang_Name_Type *);
extern int jed_unset_buffer_hook (Buffer *, char *);

extern void jed_set_buffer_flags (Buffer *, unsigned int);
extern Buffer *MiniBuffer;

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