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#ifndef _DAVIS_VFILE_H_
#define _DAVIS_VFILE_H_
/* Copyright (c) 1992, 1998, 2000 John E. Davis
 * This file is part of JED editor library source.
 * You may distribute this file under the terms the GNU General Public
 * License.  See the file COPYING for more information.

#define VFILE_TEXT  1
#define VFILE_BINARY  2
extern unsigned int VFile_Mode;

typedef struct
   char *buf;                        /* buffer for stream */
   char *bmax;                       /* pointer to end buffer */
   char *bp;                         /* current pointer in stream */
   char *eof;                        /* pointer to EOF if non NULL */
   int fd;                     /* file descrip for stream */
   unsigned int size;                /* default buffer size */
   unsigned int mode;
   unsigned int cr_flag;             /* true if lines end in cr */

extern char *vgets(VFILE *, unsigned int *);
extern VFILE *vopen(char *, unsigned int, unsigned int);
extern void vclose(VFILE *);
extern VFILE *vstream(int, unsigned int, unsigned int);


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